IPL Photofacial in Madison MS

Learn about the Lumenis Optima IPL Treatment.

Why IPL treatment?
Visible improvement for pigmentation, age/sun spots, broken capillaries and overall skin appearance A gentle treatment that removes skin imperfections and stimulates collage and elastic fiber production A fast “lunch-time” treatment with no downtime

When will I see results?

The Lumenis IPL Photorejuvenation treatment works with your skin to remove your imperfections and stimulate collagen and elastic fiber production over a sequence of treatments. Some skin concerns such as shallow pigmentation and age/sun spots can be cleared with as few as 1-2 treatments. Typically2-6 sessions with 2-4 weeks in between are needed to achieve optimal results for most skin concerns.

What can I expect after treatment?

Immediately following treatment, you may experiene some redness, depending on your customized treatment settings. The redness will usually disappear within a few hours. In most cases, makeup can be immediately applied and daily activities can be resumed the very same day. Typically, your physician should advise to stay out of direct sun for a few days following the treatment and apply sunscreen.

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